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A New Way of Looking at Apps

A New Way of Looking at Apps

By Lucy MacDonald

Lucy MacDonald writes:

In December I joined a free short course called The 12 Apps of Christmas 2016 from Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland (It is now available as an Open Resource open to all.)

I was prepared to learn about 12 apps used in Higher Education. The surprise was the pedagogical presentation of these apps. It was not just about the app, but about the use of the app with a case study. All of a sudden, it was pedagogy before technology.

Today, I’ll show you the backstory of this new way of looking at apps. We will take just one app, GeoSpike, and show you how this was presented and what we might be looking at in the future when we look at apps. Here’s the format.

  1. A Brief description of the app.
  2. Introduction of faculty or team
  3. A detailed Case Study of how the app was used
  4. Benefits of the app
  5. Student feedback
  6. Tips
  7. Summary
  8. Further reading and resources

Then, of course, there was an optional task for us to try. This activity was short, engaging and fun. We could post comments or tweet.

Do you have any apps that you could share in this case study way?


Lucy MacDonald
Technology Institute for Developmental Educators (TIDE), Texas State, San Marcos
Fellow of the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA)



Lucy MacDonald, M.A., M.A., began teaching online in 1992 BW (before the web). She was a keynoter for TCC in 1998. Students around the world know her as “the how to study lady” for her free, interactive website (, which includes how to write for 19 different subject areas.

As founding faculty of TIDE (Technology for Developmental Educators) at Texas State, she shared active research in tutoring online with specific delight in having students tutor faculty in the process (2002-2017).

She is a proponent of pedagogy before technology with a splash of fun. Her enthusiastic tagline is “Let technology go to your head.”

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