Using Cost/Reward Assesment to Engage Online Students and Increase Student Success

Session Description
Engaging students to actively participate in the online classroom clearly leads to student success, but can be challenging regardless of whether new or experienced students. Understanding the dynamics behind communication and collaboration online is key to creating a class environment that not only elicits participation, but inspires it.

This presentation will use the cost/reward assessment aspect of Altman & Taylor’s social penetration theory (1973) as a framework to discuss ways to help online faculty overcome the challenges of reticent students and to build a more dynamic classroom that moves participation from surface to deeper levels of mutual self disclosure in order to enhance the teaching and learning process.

The presentation will provide techniques to engage new and experienced students and how those dynamics differ. The implications for higher education faculty members lie in establishing a classroom culture that promotes satisfaction for all individuals in the higher education setting using these suggested techniques.

The presentation will include questions for the audience to answer interactive polls about their relationship levels to connect with the concepts and be able to understand and apply them in their own contexts.

  • Joanna Bauer, Kaplan University, Altadena, California, USA
  • Ludmila Battista, Kaplan University, New Jersey, USA
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