Changing to Learn with Mobile Device Based Learning Environments (MDBLE), an exploration of a potential mobile learning solution.

Session Description
In the constantly changing technology landscape, researchers not only need to be aware of new Mobile Device (MD) innovations, but also, to plan, design, test their potential educational uses, and investigate the potential learning experiences. This researcher believes that, as videoconferencing and mobile device technology advance, their use will redefine distance-learning practices.
For this presentation, I will be addressing a couple of research questions that are part of my dissertation work.

  • What would an effective future mobile learning environment embody? How would it function?

The MDBLE design deploys the FRAME Model to clarify the MDBLE concept and as a guide for research investigation, development and testing. The MDBLE concept utilizes, smartphone, phablet and tablet mobile technologies, to support human learning capacities and social interaction through the use of Community of Practice (CoP) and social media. These elements are gamified and integrated using Web2.0 tools, and are intended to converge, and to produce a mobile learning environment that leads to positive learning outcomes.

The MDBLE model contains a course management system, a flip video base instruction pedagogy, learning community, social media, gamification web 2.0/3.0 tools and incorporates just-in-time videoconferencing support.

For this presentation, the MDBLE design is explained and two examples are presented and demonstrated.

  • Pete Ayala, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Audiences

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