Usability, Aloha, and Global Warming: A Usability Study on Global Warming in Hawai‘i

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The Hawaiian community continues to be threatened by the increased global temperatures provided through global warming. As coral reefs bleach and die in warm waters, hurricane occurrences increase, coastal erosion and landslides, community members need to be aware of global warming impacts happening in their ‘aina. With awareness, people can make efforts to prepare for impending threats to their livelihoods as well as contribute to efforts to reverse global warming and climate change. In order to reach the greatest audience, a Wix website was created and a usability study was performed in order to best communicate global warming issues in Hawai‘i. The study assessed the website’s ease of use, navigation, and design in order to inform users about the global concern in their community and what can be done to help and protect their livelihoods. Throughout the study various changes were made in order to better develop content, navigation, and design. Materials were well received and new knowledge was formed throughout the usability study. Participants could easily maneuver between web pages and had little difficulty when locating information. Throughout the study participants indicated a strong sense of importance when conversing about global warming, but a lack of effort ultimately was still the ending conclusion to making lasting changes within their control to decrease global warming. Some people though experienced a strengthened desire to make more of an effort within their households and share their knowledge with friends and family members.
  • Megan Gamel
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