Improving Faculty Experience through Streamlined Professional Development

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Kaplan University (KU) is a leader in online education and is committed to student success. An integral part of this commitment is support for faculty development. KU’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides online professional development (PD) that elevates the university’s reputation while focusing on the company’s core values: integrity, knowledge, support, opportunity and results.

KU’s CTL employs survey feedback to improve offerings. These surveys are continuously streamlined to improve data collection and identify professional development needs.

In order to make PD more appealing and to help make CTL a “one-stop-shop,” CTL has recently included a PD reporting service for faculty. Previously, faculty self-reported PD in another system. With the new service, faculty can attend CTL PD events and the CTL will take care of reporting participation.

This presentation will demonstrate how KU’s CTL has streamlined professional development through creating a simplified process for reporting and initiating efforts to centralize professional development for faculty and staff, creating more efficient and user-friendly professional development opportunities for our faculty.

  • Marla Cartwright, Kaplan University, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Joni Boone, Kaplan University
  • Laurie Hansen, Kaplan University
  • Liz Fitzgerald, Kaplan University
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