Using SoftChalk Content Authoring Software When Presenting Instead of Power Point

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Using an interactive e-learning module is a great alternative to presenting in Power Point! A content authoring tool is a software application that can help authors, writers, instructional designers, students, faculty and artists create e-learning modules. The author can integrate online elements in the module for use either on the web or within course management systems like Blackboard and Moodle. This presentation will demonstrate how you can effectively integrate technology into content authoring software (SoftChalk) and: • enhance your F2F lectures • enhance your online lecture content. The newly created blended learning strategy engages the students and provides instructors with ways of assessing learning in class. If meeting live with students or teaching students via web conferencing, using an interactive e-learning module to present while application sharing during a lesson also promotes student engagement and opportunities for assessment. Utilizing the content authoring tool to present course content has many advantages for the instructor and the student. For example, prior to class, the module can be accessed by the student to review pre-reading material and other specific case materials – information that can later be explored using Active Learning Techniques in class. The module provides a shell for course content that can conveniently be accessed for reference and drill & practice after the course meeting is over. This session will include links to presentation samples of activities that are mobile friendly. Feel free to access and view links to sample modules on your cell phones, mobile devices and tablets to experience how the modules look and work.
  • Kathleen Doyle, Oakland University William Beaumonth School of Medicine, Rocherster, MI, USA
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