J-Biz Protocol for the Hospitality Industry in Hawaii.

Session Description
There is a challenge in providing training in the hospitality industry today. Despite their best efforts to provide effective workplace learning environments, it is challenging to provide workplace learning opportunities for many of the employees as the hotels are in operation 24 hours a day and face-to-face training opportunities are limited.

This problem may be negatively impacting the hospitality industry in general because of a lack of adequate workforce learning opportunities and consequently decreasing the technical knowledge base, levels of skills and quality of customer services. Thus, e-learning might provide an opportunity for effective competency-based learning platform, which is independent of place or time.

The purpose of the mini online course is to help address the problem or need mentioned above to effectively provide learning opportunities to the employees in the hospitality industry in Hawai‘i regardless of time and place. Furthermore, the mini online prototype course will help provide insights as to how employees in the hospitality industry may prefer their workplace learning to be provided and how online learning environment into the workplace learning to be integrated.

  • Ken Kiyohara, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Novice, Intermediate

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